Glenelg North Community Garden Feb ’18

This Friday – Sundowners,   6 PM. Talking Dirty

Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Friday 2nd March

Watering Roster

Re-newed Carry Bags –  Material Needed

Going Potty

Container Deposits Fundraiser

Committee Ponderings

When you Come down to the Garden

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This Friday – Sundowners,   6 PM. Talking Dirty

It’s on this Friday 16/2 and the weather is forecast to be 26 degrees when Matthias J Salomon, PHD student of Adelaide University will be presenting his findings  on our soil in the context of urban agriculture. This is a Not-to-be-missed event.

You may invite other interested non-Members who may give a gold coin donation. Sundowners are always a social occasion with a theme.

Bring food and drinks to share. The kettle will be on.

Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Friday 2nd March

Still a few vacancies needing filling. Pick your time slot. We also want ‘stand ins’ just in case someone gets hit by a speeding zucchini.

Early  07:20 – 10:30.

Middle 10:30 – 01:30 pm. –> need an extra hand here

Afternoon 01:30 – 04:30.  –> need an extra hand here

Contact Margaret, 0402 054 296

Watering roster

The roster helps us ensure the pot plants don’t die and it’s still hot and dry. A few gaps below are coming up. Let Michael, , txt 0427 158 341 know of your day selection, or put your name on the wall.

Re-newed Carry Bags –  Material Needed

In an effort to promote the garden’s policy  towards sustainability, Ralene is making reusable veggie bags from recycled materials. The idea is to keep them with your shopping bags and when you buy fruit/vegies or carry from the garden at the weekly shop you give plastic bags the flick.

Ralene needs donations of light weight fabric. Curtain material is ideal, also crochet cotton/ ribbon or anything light weight that can be threaded through the top of the bag to secure the contents. Sewing threads would also be of  help.

Members, pick yours up at the garden. Non members can purchase these bags from the garden for a gold coin donation, the money goes to the garden coffers. A great excuse to have a tidy up of cupboards. Nice one, Ralene.

Going Potty

Potting group

Container Deposits Fundraiser

We have made a hundred dollars on the deposit containers so Look around, grab yours and put them in the shed. Its worthwhile

When you Come Down to the Garden

The Community Garden is thriving with figs, zucchinis, tomatoes and so much more

Committee Ponderings

The survey results have been viewed by the committee. The committee will make some changes with the suggestions. A few points; a range of topics for Sundowners were suggested and we might try a different day of the week. Kids Cherry Tomatoes is – a great initiative,  a minor activity list of tasks at the Community Garden would be good.

One issue which came out, some members were unsure how much to take of Member General Plots.  Donna will write up guidelines.

The Tree Committee will consider getting in a tree expert for a talk.

Leave the potting area clean. How do you feel about making this a general guideline? When you have finished potting up on the table under the veranda

  • put the unused pots back at the compost bays,
  • put the unused soil back at the compost bays,
  • store the potted up plants away safely and
  • your work in progress is safely put out of people’s way with a little label saying whose it is.
    (As no one has commented, it seems everyone is happy with this new way or organising.)
  • The Chooksters need to have another meeting. But when it’s cooler. Do we build chook palace ourselves, do we buy it in or do we pay someone to make it? Are there any other members who would like to join Nicola, Charlee, Megan, Michael, Ralene and Luke?
  • Heat Policy – 33 degrees. It’s not just plants that die in the heat. Any event scheduled for a day when the forecast temperature is >33 CANCELLED.
  • The Conflict Process. It’s on the web at
  • Hard Rubbish pile (fridge etc.). If you want us to keep anything or take anything, please speak up. The grim rubbish removalist has spoken. It will happen in March.

When you Come down to the Garden

As above, there will soon be a suggestion list for people wondering what to get into.

  • The parking side of the West fence, weeds need pulling. Take a metre only and do it splendidly. Bring joy to the hearts of the orderly.
  • Bins come in Saturday. Please remember to check the road and drag our bins in on Saturday.
  • Who would like to write a new sign for the small gate? E.g. : “You are welcome to come in and stroll about or have a seat. BUT please DO NOT pick the member’s produce”

By the way

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One may also see the water roster at the above URL.




Water Roster

Water roster

Glenelg North Community Garden – News Jan 27

Watering Roster

Going well.  See the current roster above.

The roster helps us ensure the pot plants don’t die in the dry heat. A few gaps are coming up. Let Michael  know of additions, or put your name on the wall.

  •  Cherry Tomato Kids Gardening Club, February Sun 4th

  • Sundowners February – Talking Dirty, Fri 16th 6 PM

  • Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Friday 2nd March

  • Committee Ponderings

  • When you Come down to the Garden

  • By the way


Cherry Tomato Kids Gardening Club

Due to the hot weather, the Cherry Tomato Kids Gardening Club is now set for Sunday, 4th Feb 10-12 PM.

Learn to make delicious smelling DIY Bathbombs containing herbs and flowers collected from the garden. Cost $ 5 per child including snack and materials. Bring water bottle & a hat. RSVP Bookings essential 0475 471 100.

Sundowners February – Talking Dirty

Fri 16th 6 PM

Talking Dirty

Matthias J Salomon, PHD student of Adelaide University is investigating Urban Agriculture. Some months ago, he analysed the soil in our plots and under the trees. Matthias will be presenting his findings, what he has done, how he has done it and what he found.

This is a Not-to-be-missed event. You may invite other interested non-Members who may give a gold coin donation.

Sundowners are a social occasion with a theme or speaker. Bring food and drinks to share. The kettle will be on.

Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

Friday 2nd March

Contact Margaret to help out at this great fundraiser. This is how we are able to net the trees, house our chooks and provide great soil and tools. Who has never come along? It’s good fun.

The Community Garden is Thriving

Thanks to the efforts of members.


Committee Ponderings

  • The survey. Still percolating. To be addressed once the Committee has time to breathe.
  • Water on your Plot – Measured Irrigation

Evaporation has been VERY high in this heat, 1.1 lt of water evaporates from the square Measured Irrigation bucket in one day!

Over January, we have used 2,980 lt /day! Some of this will be hand watering the pots but most will be Measured Irrigation. This means about 75 lt on your plot each day which is to say, about 19 lt per square metre.

Therefore, this should be enough water But some plots (if you dig down 6 inches are still dry) so add water to your plots as some are already doing.

  • Leaving the potting area clean. How do you feel about making a general guideline? When you have finished potting up on the table under the veranda or elsewhere, you put the unused pots back, you put the unused soil back, you store the potted up plants away safely and work in progress is safely put out of people’s way with a little label saying whose it is? Will this be a good idea??? Would members please advise.
  • The Chooksters need to have another meeting. Do we build chook castle ourselves, do we buy it in or do we pay someone to make it? Such deep thoughts are necessary, a meeting when things have cooled off is a good idea. Are there any other members who would like to join Nicola, Charlee, Megan, Michael, Ralene and Luke?


  • Heat Policy – 33 degrees. It’s not just plants that die in the heat. The decision has been taken that any event scheduled for a day where the forecast temperature is 33 degrees or above is automatically CANCELLED.
  • The Conflict Process. It’s on the web at
  • Hard Rubbish pile (fridge etc.) There is a pile of hard rubbish near the North/West corner. If you want us to keep anything or take anything, please speak up. The grim rubbish removalist has spoken.
  • Wheat bags to cover seeds. If you want to plant seeds these days, find the wheat bags and put them over the damp seeds in the ground. It may well help germination.

Did you see these at the  TDU street Party? Our plants!


When you come down to the garden

Wondering what to do when you come to the garden?

  • The outside of the West fence is embarrassing. The weeds need pulling. Take a metre only and do it well.
  • Bins come in Saturday. I tried to wish them in but it didn’t work. Please remember to check the road and drag our bins in on Saturday.
  • Please sign in.
  • Who would like to write a new sign for the small gate? E.g. : “You are welcome to come in and stroll about or have a seat. BUT please DO NOT pick the members produce”
  • Many hands make light work. Figs now protected.

netting 2_tn_tn

aborig pole_tn

Our Aboriginal artwork will grace the garden for many years

By the way

SA’s electricity, buying and selling



This is great! You can watch where you electricity is generated minute by minute. Sometimes we supply Victoria and Tasmania and sometimes they supply us.

See how out diesel cuts in and out, how the battery sometimes is charging and how our wind turbines generate serious amounts of electricity. Condemn Victoria for its dirty brown coal.

As a voter, remind your politician you want renewable electricity.

e.g. below but go to the site above.


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Watering Roster

21/1/18  Watering Roster

Update for Feb.


Watering Roster Feb

Please fill in the blank days on the notice board at the Garden. Or contact Michael  0427 158 341

Glenelg North Community Garden News Jan 18

Happy New Year Everybody! And welcome to new members.

  • Sundowners January 19th
  • Chooks
  • Figs
  • Watering roster
  • Bitumen in the carpark
  • Brighton Community Garden starting
  • Christmas Sundowners
  • Sauerkraut making


Sundowners January 19th

“The Fine Art of Home Brewing” by Luke Redpath

Luke will show us how he makes home brewed beer. He certainly makes a first class boutique beverage. Another example of local, simple living. He will undoubtable tell us the finer points of the different flavours and what hops and malt is all about.

Bring a plate and drinks to share. Friday 19th January 6pm at the Garden.


Chooks complement the garden with their eggs and their fertiliser. Five members so far have formed  the Chook sub-committee. They will look after the chooks every day of the week. A few more chook enthusiasts are welcome to join the group, share the necessary activities and first dibs on the eggs.

On Saturday, 6th (Saturday too HOT) Sunday 7th, the team will visit the Henley Community garden. They have run chooks for some years and know the pitfalls and finer points. We will inspect their chicken house so we can purchase a very easy-use model which will require minimum effort.

All members are welcome to join us and visit Henley Community Garden Sunday 7th at 10:30 at Henley, corner of White st and Raymond St Henley South. RSVP.


The droppers and pipe have been purchased so we can net the Fig trees. Many hands will be really helpful to get the net over the frame. The figs are looking good at this stage.

Woops. And the apples are not even ripe yet.

Would someone remind me to protect next year’s apple crop, please.

Watering roster

Well done Team Glenelg North Community Garden. We have kept the water up to all the pot plants and so far as I know, none have died of thirst.

However, after the 12th January, there are some days not covered. Please put your name on the roster on the wall to see us through the dry months.

The Measured Irrigation is working well. We are applying about 2,000 lt in a watering which is dictated by evaporation.  Each plot is getting about 40 litres and as a result the garden is looking very good.  It is not a bad idea to move your drip lines a few inches if easy to do.

Bitumen in the carpark

The Veterans and other groups at the Glenelg North Community Centre want to have the carpark sealed. However such a large black area gets super hot in summer.  In order to mitigate the Heat build-up, Council is thinking of planting trees in the car park and it seems fruit trees are in order.  Excellent!  They are thinking of a plant area like the street vegetation planted in gutters to capture the water rather than drain it to the seas. The runoff would channel towards the Veteran Garden and the Community Garden.

This plan is not approved but if implemented would be very good, – more carparks due the painted lines, – captured water and – fruit shared with the public.

Brighton Community Garden starting

With funding from Fund My Neighbourhood, it looks like the Brighton Community Garden will kick into action. The land may be at Dover Gardens. Local members, take note.

Christmas Sundowners

The Christmas Sundowner was lots of fun and very well attended. We weren’t sure where people would sit.

Sauerkraut making

A second sauerkraut session was held to initiate some who missed the first session.

But wait, there’s more! The next step is to have a crack at Kimchee, the spicy Korean cabbage preserving method. First rate food for problem stomachs.

Found growing in the garden!

Found growing in the garden!

Found Growing in the Community Garden. Nice one Donna.





Glenelg North Community Garden – Dec 2017

-Christmas Sundowners Friday 15th Dec.

-Next Sauerkraut

-Water, Water

-Fruitful Garden

-Sausage Sizzle Results

-Chooks in the Garden?


Christmas Sundowners Friday 15th Dec.

Come along and share holiday cheer

for all the gardening success and joy we’ve had this year.

Bring a plate & drinks to share,

It starts at 6, hope to see you there!

Sauerkraut Making – Sunday 17th

The Sundowner Sauerkraut making was good fun but not enough sauerkraut was made. And some missed out. If you want to have a go, come along on Sunday, 17th.


Water, Water

It’s Hot! Mulch your plot with the Lucerne mulch provided for you. Keep the water in and the sun off. Most important.


Many potted plants don’t last a week. We need some people to keep them damp. The committee is thinking about a pot watering roster. Also 10 trays were bought to help pots keep damp . Please put all pots on trays except those which don’t like wet feet.

Temporary shade.  The committee is thinking about a temporary shade roof to be attached to the veranda. What do you think?

The Measured Irrigation is working well. It is putting on some 1,000 lt per day in this weather.


Perhaps we will celebrate the raising of the tap height at the Christmas Sundowner.

Fruitful Garden

The summer Member General plot plan has been worked out. Kathy is putting the plan on a white board so we will all know. Speak to the plot manager if you are unsure what to do. Of course if you want to be really creative, get in line for your own plot.

The Cherry crop in total. We will be planting another cherry variety in the Autumn.

The trees are now protected. Thanks to all hands who put up the net. Birds can’t ruin the apricots as they did last year.

The apricots are wonderful at the moment. All members to take half a dozen.

Chooks in the Garden

The committee and the compost heap eagerly await chooks in the Community Garden.

However such a serious matter needs a great deal of thought and planning. A chook group willing to visit the chooks most days of the week will be necessary. If you are interested in being part of the chook group, contact me, Luke is very keen so we have two of us already. Another three will be necessary before we launch into production.

A defibrillator on hand?

Luke is looking into the Community Centre buying a defibrillator. They are very good for emergency cardiac problems. As they are expensive other Community Centre groups will need to come on board to share the cost.

Sausage Sizzle result

The wonderful number volunteering to help out at the Bunnings Barbeque on November 30th and their great work ethic made the Barbeque a smooth running concern. Thanks to you all, the workers and those who provided our backup. You did us proud, we demonstrated we were a true community.

And I know that this spirit will only increase.  We took $690 before expenses and this keeps the garden ticking over very well.

Margaret Liptak


Twilight Market

Our next call for assistance is for the twilight market  on 22nd December from 3.30 to 8 pm. Its great fun, food and sometimes great singers. If you can assist for an hour please let me know.

Margaret Liptak


Missing tools. Keep your eyes open.

The Committee has debated changing the lock on the shed because things have gone missing. Lots of people have the current key. Also, the key is available outside for any member to access.

Please keep a look out and report suspicious activities. The options are to reduce access to the shed and garden or charge members for using fertilisers and other products etc. to cover costs.

What’s in the garden stays in the gardens. Woe betide your garden if compost leaves the Community Garden without Michael’s blessing.


Glenelg North Community Garden – Nov.

Summary of this newsletter

  • Learning Avocado Grafting Thurs 16th Nov
  • Sundowner Sauerkraut 17th Nov
  • Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Needs You. 30 Nov
  • Questionnaire Needs your answer.
  • Edible Weeds

This newsletter may also be read at

Where you will also find the 2017 questionnaire.

For those inclined, the Facebook page is here:

Learning Avocado Grafting Thurs 16th Nov 10:00

Sally will demonstrate and have hands on practice, how to graft good varieties of avocado onto existing trees.

Cost $20. RSVP Sally. 0438 512 389

Sundowner Sauerkraut Making  Friday 17/11 6pm


The first of the Sundowner events. Hands on or come along simply to watch, chat and socialise.

RSVP: If you want Sauerkraut yourself, Michael needs your name so as to have numbers. Numbers limited.

Save nice sized jars now. You will need them. mob 0427 158 341

Bunnings Sausage Sizzle – 30 Nov.

Hello everyone, this is the first Bunnings Marion Sausage Sizzle for the new committee

When? Thursday 30th November

Why? So you can have a fun day & raise enough money for all of us to go on a nice cruise. Okay. To raise enough to finish netting the orchard and other projects

What We Need :

Someone [or couple of people] to order /pick up & deliver the sausages, bread & onions to the BBQ @ 7.20 am on the Thursday morning

Someone to pick up the boxes containing serviettes/sauce/tools etc from the shed & have @ BBQ for 7.20am

Someone to Buy the drinks & ice ,cool & deliver to BBQ @ 7.20am

Someones to Set up the area & do the first shift 7.20 am-10.30  4 people required

Someones to Second shift again 4 people         10.30am -1.30 pm

Someones to Last shift of the day            1.30-4.30pm. Another 4 people needed

I have been tardy getting this out to you ,but need to fill the roster by the 10th of November. Please feel free to show me up with your quick responses.

To Pat @

The Community Garden fairies will thank you. Thanking you in anticipation. Pat


Eagerly awaiting the return of the Questionnaire. If you are pretty happy with how things are running, please simply say this

It is attached to this email again if it has been sucked into the void. And it is also on our web site.

President Margaret will have hard copies. Expect to be chased around the garden and pinned down with secateurs and a biro.

Key points will be the little things members will handle personally so there is always something to do when you come to the Community Garden. Also what Projects excite you.

You will hear the committee’s decisions which come out of this.


Edible Weeds

David suggested we ought to know about edible weeds. I investigated and was most entertained by

Foraging with the Wild Food Huntress which was put on by Kate at Marion Cultural Centre. She knows a LOT.


You will recognise Twelve of the above weeds.

You can eat them all.  For those who really want to get into it, go to Kate’s site. Maybe someone will want to reserve a plot to grow weeds!

Purslane  Chickweed  Dandelion  Mallow (marshmallow)  Stinging Nettle  Plantain  SourSob  Wild Mustard  Prickly Pear  Wild Fennel


Community Garden Mushrooms


David encouraged Wayne the hills mushroom man, recently moved to Hove to put some mushroom spoor? in the Community Garden.

It worked! If mushrooms pop up in your plot and they look like these, eat them or give them to me.



Why Sustainability trumps Economic Growth; Nature bats last.



Community Garden Questionnaire

Rather than guess what members would like, we are asking.

Please see the attached Word Doc. The committee is happy to receive it if you can print it or email it to a committee member. It will take you 10 minutes.

Questionaire – Community Garden Members 2017

Glenelg North Community Garden Oct ’17 – looking ahead

 Setting the Agenda for the year ahead

AGM – the New committee.

Old committee members never die, but they do eventually retire to make room for new growth! We would like to thank the outgoing committee members Pam Sando, Chris Sando and Pat Spender for all the hard work they have done behind the scenes to help support our passionate garden community making the Garden a success. These members have not stepped away from the Garden completely and will still be actively involved in helping the Garden to flourish and bloom.

The Committee members are now President – Margaret Liptak, Secretary – Jo Schofield, Treasurer–.  Committee Members – Michael, Donna, Luke. (Did you notice something missing? J)

Frog in the Garden

Even though she is a resident of the

Glenelg North Community Garden,

Miss Froggy’s application to become Treasurer

was rejected as she had a terrible croak.




The committee’s aim is to provide a Community Garden you love to come to. So, without doubt we need to know what you like and you need to know what activities keep the garden ticking over. See the coming survey.


Your approval and thoughts needed. The survey will ask what you want and like in your garden. The committee needs this for the year ahead.

See below the year’s program. The proposed Regular Events, Keeping the Garden Ticking over and the Projects below will all be in the questionnaire when the committee puts it together.

Regular Events

Sundowner Talks (new)

In spring it can sometimes feel it’s all endlessly pulling weeds! But, Daylight Savings and the warmer weather welcomes back our Sundowner Series.

Please join Sundowners on the third Friday evening of every month @ 6pm (diary!) to listen to a short talk/workshop by guest speakers on a variety of garden inspired topics. This is a FREE and social event for members; just bring a plate & drinks to share. A contribution from interested visitors is fine.

*Nov 17th 2017 – The secret life of Sauerkraut – by Michael. In this hands-on workshop you will learn to make your own sauerkraut. Bring Jars, cabbage and salt.
RSVP Michael 0427 158 341 most necessary. More information nearer the time

*Dec 15th  – Casual Christmas get together
*Jan 19th 2018 Make your own Brew –  Luke
*Feb 16th 2018 Soil Research Project – PhD Mattias Solomon Adelaide Uni and Prof Caragnavo
*Mar 16th 2018 TBD
(End Of Daylight Savings)
*May 24th 2018 – volunteer’s week morning tea in the garden. Thursday

*June 21st 2018 – Winter Solstice Dinner in Glenelg North Community Hall
Everything is subject to irritating change but we will try to give notice.

*Do you also have an idea bubbling away? Tell us, see the Survey.

Cherry Tomatoes Kids Gardening Club (new)

Hey Kids! Join us at the Garden on the last Sunday of each Month to share a love of the environment through craft and play. Learn about organic plant growth, soils and insects. Each workshop runs from 10am-12pm with a healthy snack collected from the garden included.

*Sunday Oct 29th POLLINATION Learn about the different pollinators living and working in the garden. Work as a team to make a bee hotel for the garden and an egg carton bee to take home.
Bookings essential: Jo 0498813440, Cost: $5

*Nov 26th – Holiday Decorations.
*Jan 28th – Terrariums and Wheatgrass Bobble Heads
*Feb 25th – Fabric Plant Dyes
*Mar 25th – Basket Making and traditional Egg Hunt.

Activity Days

These come round about every six weeks. More major activities are lined up and everyone comes along and lends a hand. It is remarkable how big tasks melt away with many able hands.

Dates: and activities to be decided.


Keeping the Community Garden ticking over

Individual Gardeners are doing things behind the scenes, everything from emptying the bins to keeping the shed tidy to supplying milk for coffees to mothering certain plants.

The Bunnings BBQs have been magnificently managed by Pat. She will hand over to Margaret. This nice little earner allows us to buy whatever and when we want to buy.

All members will help with sundry activities depending on your capability; it is part of being a member, and it helps you feel the Garden is yours.

Other sundry garden keeping activities below and there are heaps more:

  • The Swap and Share table Thursdays
  • Compost tossing
  • Keeping an eye on the water supply
  • Watering potted plants
  • Watering the shade house

What do you prefer? See the coming Survey.


These are interesting one-off Garden building things to do. Groups of people get together to do them. From the previous committee:

*Building the Contemplative/Sensory Garden.
*Building the Children’s Garden.

*Long term water storage solution.
*Herb Garden plant identification and information
*Orchard protection
*Indigenous Garden

But wait! there’s more:

*The sunken spa plot. It will be half sunk in the ground Pat says, and may well feature a Cape Goosberry with smaller vegetables on the borders to hide the plastic. Michael is in the hole already.

*Building a polka dot wicking plot

*Building a soil sieve.

Who fancys getting technical and building our own soil sieve? This one will be returned on Thursday.

*What is Your project which fires you up? And no one has thought of it yet.

See the Survey

The Open Day last month

It was great to have the Mayor, Stephen Patterson come along to the open day. Members provided heaps to sell and prepared lots of goodies. However, the turnup of the public was low. Probably due other clashing events.


Indigenous Garden Project Posts

We are trying to find some identification posts which were donated to the Garden by the City of Holdfast Bay. There were ten of them and they have disappeared from the Garden Shed at the Community Garden. We need these posts urgently to complete our Indigenous Garden Project.

If you have any idea where they might be, contact Pam Sando ASAP (Mobile: 0488 422 944

Email:, so we can proceed with the Project.

Posts missing are approximately 600mm high with coloured labels on top – see photo.

misssing posts

We would really appreciate their return. Mobile: 0488 422 944   email:

Battle and strife in the Community Garden

Good guys versus Bad guys

The curly leaf in the fruit trees has been particularly bad this year. On top of that the aphid came in droves to attack the trees. But our allies, the ladybirds (or ladybugs as some will have it) are on our side and building up to gobble all the aphid.

When you are in the garden, look for the minute cluster of yellow dots on the trees. These are ladybird eggs. Then search for the banded, odd looking, beetle things. These are the juvenile very hungry ladybirds. Finally, see if you can find the small white clusters, these are the empty ladybird eggs. (If your editor is wrong about all this, please let me know, I’m no expert.) The last photo is a large cockroach working industriously in the compost heap.

Looks like it will be a very good year for the quince tree.


Chris has installed a spray water system in the shade house. It will be invaluable when the heat comes on. Nice one, Chris.

Our active member, Zel deserves a mention. He won an excellent set of loppers at Sophie Thompson’s butterfly night and donated them to the Community Garden. Thanks Zel. Then he won FIRST prize at the Norwood Payneham St Peters Council Youth Film Festival. His film was on cuttle fish at Whyalla.

Sustainability Evening  Thursday 19th October

Come and enjoy a free, fun and informative evening here at Bunnings Marion,

Music from Port Noarlunga Blues Festival.     Craft and face painting for the kids.

KESAB – Learn how to make paper – 3 sessions throughout the evening.

Guest speakers:   6.00 pm St Therese Community Garden, 6.30 pm ERA (Electronic Recycling Australia), 7.00 pm Bee Keepers Association and 7.30 pm Bush Tucker.

Suitable for the whole family.Tea, coffee and cake will be provided.  Bookings Required! Contact us on 8375 7600 or visit


For the modern e-aware among us please

‘like’ our facebook page

Proudly supported by the City of Holdfast Bay Council

Glenelg North Community Garden Sept 17

Activity Day – Saturday 9th Sept

Jam / Pickles /Cakes

Open Day Saturday 23rd Sept

AGM Saturday 7th Oct

The previous Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

News from the Committee Meeting 22/8/17

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Activity Day – Saturday 9th Sept

Lots to do this Saturday. Let’s have a nice early start at 09:00.

  • Labelling and costing of plants in preparation for the Open day, see below
  • Paving the sensory garden with slate
  • Orchard netting Framework
  • Tidy up everywhere for the open day. If in doubt, see coordinator Michael

Followed by a simple BBQ around 12:00.

Jam / Pickles /Cakes

Pat wants some jam/pickle jars. They are for the  open day to make some relish. Thanks Pat.

And we are looking for lots of awesome homemade cakes and things to sell on the Open day.

Open Day Saturday 23rd Sept

Open day poster

10:00 – 15:00 pm

Please tell everyone and invite your extended family.

  • Plant sales,  coffee truck, home grown food.
  • Tours of the garden, Compost talks, Worm talks, Kids classes,
    Kids lemonade stall.
  • Composting bags from Council.
  • CHERRY TOMATO KIDS CLUB. The Community Garden is starting up a kids club which will meet once a month in the warmer months. Lots of fun activities for kids. Come along on the open day to talk about the ideas.

See Jo and Zel who are coordinating.

 AGM Saturday 7th Oct

Big Change this year. Our President Pam, Secretary Chris and very active organiser Pat stepping down. You will have received requests for nominations for the Glenelg North Community Garden Committee. If you are super, awesome and want to come aboard, do let us know.

It is rumoured the following are interested; Michael, Jo, Donna, Jenny, Luke, Margaret, Annette. And…

Wishing Chris a speedy recovery to full health and vigour.

The previous Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

Well done the sizzlers. We cleared about  $600. This is how we are able to buy the bits and pieces in the garden we need.


From the Committee meeting 22/8/17

There will be some Chapel Street Planting. Who is also interested in this project?

We have received a research request from Timothy Cavagnaro Associate Professor of Soil Ecology at the University of Adelaide. A student doing postgrad work will be looking at our soil, taking samples and revealing all. This Urban Agriculture research results will be most interesting. We will know how well our compost enriched soil really is.


In the Garden

David Peas_tn

Nice crop David!


This is a Lentil plant. Broad acre farming near Kadina. I had no idea we grow so many acres of Lentils. Note the nodule, nitrogen fixing in the soil.


Everything is so green (well, not everything) at this time of year.

Our garden friend or foe?  What is it.

Have people like the new f/b


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