Sour Dough Recipe – Glenelg North Community Garden


Obtain a sour dough starter.
– 48 hours prior to using:
add 1 table spoon of rye
add 2 table spoons of wholemeal
enough water to make it gluggy.
Stir and leave at room temperature.
– 24 hours prior to using,
Add the same again so it is really hotted up.
My sour dough recipe.


Water            250 cc
Milk               250 cc
Wholemeal        200 gm
Rye                   250 gm
Plain white       150 gm
Bran                   30 gm
Brown Sugar       1 tbl spoon
Salt                      1 tspoon
Olive Oil               2 glugs 🙂


Mix in the order above. Need well. Remove some starter for next time (a table spoon full) and store in fridge. If not using for a long time, some say you can freeze the starter.

It may take 12 hours to rise so you need to calculate when it is about time to bake it. I watch as it rises and when it seems to be running out of puff, I bake it. Knock down (need it) after 3 hours if you can.
I use a bread maker to bake it for 1 hr, 10 minutes as a guide.


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