In this Glenelg North Community Garden news 27/11/13

  • BBQ
  • Activities on wall
  •  ‘Do not water’ if you don’t want someone to water. Leon to water.
  • Mulch bales
  • Compost
  • Plot update
  • The monthly activities.
  • Next Monday Evening, 9th Dec 7pm
  • Deposit containers
  • The orchard Queen – Gere.



The BBQ held after slimming down two plots was lots of fun with a crowd. We ran out of chairs.

🙂 Sorry Neville, can you bring some chairs back please. 🙂


We should have another BBQ before Christmas.

Things to do in the garden.

Check the wall chalk board when you are looking for things to do. (I think we need a bigger board 🙂 )

cg activities

Water and Summer

Its getting hot. Neville has bought pea straw for your plot. Thanks. Everyone should use it to conserve water and make watering less-often possible.
Leon has offered to water all plots when he takes the dog for a walk. If you DON’T want him to water, put a sign up in your plot. (See the large wooden box near the south fence.)

Hot Compost is cooking nicely
The mature compost is there in the other bay and available for your use.

Plot layout update

Two plots have been slimmed down. It turned out to be easier than thought because of the skill, experience and intelligence of all technologists involved. J Two to go. Those holders who are disadvantaged will be compensated and have pick of future plots.


Monthly meeting times

We now meet every Thursday and Saturday around 9:30, 10:00. We usually do various activities then stop for a cuppa around 11:00. Mosaicking going strong and there is hot compost to toss into the adjoining bay (please log this in the back of the sign on book).
Good thing we have shade over the pergola.
There is the Swap and share on Saturdays at 11:30. Bring your surplus along.

Monday Evening, 9th Dec 07:00 pm.

The topic for this month is what will we do in 2014. Come and have your say if you have some ideas bubbling away. Bring a small plate to share.

Deposit containers

Forget not to bring them along, they mount up. Even the cardboard choc coffee milk are worth 10 cents. We are having trouble being invited to do the Coles sausage sizzle so we need to raise funds wherever we can.

The Orchard Queen Manager

Gere has the role of coordinating the tree group. That’s her harvesting potatoes above because there is no fruit to pick.
All watering of trees (see the watering schedule in the sign on book) needs to be coordinated so the roots are trained to go deep.



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