Glenelg North Community Garden news 12/12/13

  • No Monday evening in January
  • Quality garden gloves available
  • Mystery and intrigue; the climbers against the potting shed
  • Roles and Induction
  • Watering over Christmas
  • What will we do in 2014
  • Suggestion box
  •                                      Not so long ago: ↓

bare earth

Taken on the 5th February 2013. (Nice tap)

No Monday evening Meeting in January.

The committee thinks there will be so many social activities going on in January, we will skip the Monday evening meeting. The next will be in February on the second Monday.

Quality garden gloves available

Our safety Officer has purchased some quality Rigger Pigskin gloves. 4 sets of small (red) and 4 sets of medium (green thread), 4 sets of large (blue thread) are available for general use. Not only that but members can buy their own set for $6. See Neville, then mark them with your name.

Mystery and intrigue; the climbers against the potting shed

Who was the generous soul who put the climbers against the poles of the to-be-built potting shed? Love to know … thank you.

Roles and Induction

Here are the roles members have taken on. Please remember; if a person has a role, do not do that role for them; confusion will reign.


Committee Expert


Beryl Thurston Secretary committee Secretary
Chris Sando Public Officer, Constitution
Gere Schou- Hansen Tree grp mgr
June Longbottom inductor, Vets and Comm Ctr liaison
Patricia Spender committee Mgmt plan
Margaret Liptak – Act Pres committee President; liaise council
Michael Dwyer Past Pres committee inductor, (Memb/ tree/ Plot planning) DataBase, Web, Newsletter, Compost
Neville Dalton – Treasurer committee Treasurer, Safety Officer, Plot Manager
Nicola Ross Kindy liason
Pam Sando committee inductor, monthly speakers, worms
Philipa Pip Fox committee Mgmt plan

New members need to know what’s what and where. We have prepared a huge list of things we all know. Prospective new members will be taken aside for half an hour and ‘Inducted’. It doesn’t hurt.

The new person will know for example, what is where in the shed, whether the compost can be used by all and who is responsible for the trees, the worms, mosaics etc, etc. (and where the toilet key is). We think everyone will be inducted so what we know, we know, what we actually know. J

Watering over Christmas

  • Leon has kindly offered to water plots over Christmas. But you must contact him and ask him.
  • It is going to be a scorcher this Wednesday, Thursday. Make sure there is plenty of mulch on your plot (free in the shed) to keep the sun off all bare earth.
  • Some are organising their own shade over their plots; not hard to do with the rods and recycled hose we have available. Well worth the effort to avoid the scorch.
  • Water deeply but less often. Always put your hand 4 inches into the soil to test dryness below before watering.
  • BTW don’t water the trees unless you are appointed to water the trees and use the tree water log in the back of the sign on book.

What will we do in 2014

At the last Monday Evening meeting the discussion was what we might focus on in 2014. Here are some ideas.

  • Build the Potting Shed.
  • Get the water organised
  • Have our stall at the Organic Market

We will again ask for members ideas in February or whenever.

Suggestion Box

Do you have a suggestion? Some brilliant ideas are better in writing rather than discussing socially. Feel free to use the suggestion box in the shed.  The suggestion box is also for complaints and irritations as it is part of our Conflict Process.

Merry Christmas Gardeners and my the new year be bountiful.



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