We have some big costs coming up when we connect the community garden tank to the existing watering system to move off mains water. We don’t expect the grant submission to come good, they usually don’t, so it will be up to us.

Please click on the ‘Buy Tickets Online’ below. It will ask for your credit Card details and your contact details which they will need when you win first prize 🙂

Thank you to all our supporters who want us to succeed in these early days.
The People’s Choice are pretty good. They pay for all the prizes and administration; all we do is sell out tickets and we keep the lot. Pretty good! 🙂


About Michael D

Member of the Glenelg North Community Garden, Adelaide South Australia. Member of the Marion Writers Group and writing about the fascinating topic of our future. Member of SA Recreational Cycling Club. Interests in cycling for sport, socialising, health, transport and the frugal use of declining natural resources. Member of Beyond Oil South Australia. Particularly interested in the decline in world oil supplies (Peak Oil) and the effect this will have on economies based upon growth. B. Bus in Information Technology and Public Administration. A career in Information Technology.

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