Glenelg North Community Garden News.
•    Monday Evening Meeting,

9/2 “Review summer and planning winter”
•    Our new fortnightly stall at the market.
•    Outdoor adventure challenge Visitors
•    Veterans’ Sausage Sizzle Twice
•    The ‘surplus’ box
•    The Tour DownUnder decorations
•    The mysterious secateurs
•    Glandore Community Garden Open Day
•    Keep up to date –> read notice boards
•    Measured Irrigation

Monday Evening Meeting, 9/2 “Review summer and planning winter”

Mary is back and will fill us in on the changing seasons, where we are now and where we want to be as winter comes along. I think this year has been a little odd but that just might be me. It will be good to get a good technical perspective from Mary.
Bring a small plate to share. 07:00 start and 09:00 finish.

Our new fortnightly stall at the market.

Running a stall at the Thursday Organic Corner Store Market is a big change for us. And maybe for the better. We will run the fortnightly sales but still continuing with the Swap and Share.  I find both are good to get to know the Organic Market people.
our sales table Swap and Share
Our trading table ↑.  Just joking, but who knows what we will have down the track.

Outdoor Adventure Challenge – Visitors

The garden will be involved in the Outdoor Adventure Challenge on Sunday 22nd February,  This event encourages participants to visit different places within the Holdfast Bay area, where they are given a challenge and get their passport signed off.  The Holdfast Bay Council website has more information.

Veterans’ Sausage Sizzle (Twice) and plant sales

Luck gave us the use of the Veterans’ sausage sizzle twice on the Organic Market Thursday. We had a lazy day cooking what were the world’s best snags. 
We have a total of $265 from plant sales and sausage sales.  The trend is clear.


The ‘surplus’ box

surplus box

The idea is working. If your plot has any vegies you can’t use, put them in the box for anyone else to have.

The Tour DownUnder decorations

3 bikes

IMG_7595_2 fence wool bike tram 3 wheels 1 wheel

AND, there was a little flag in each pot saying Glenelg North Community Garden.

The Mysterious Secateurs

We’ve been missing one of the better quality secateurs for several months now and found them outside the shed very dirty and rusty.  Subsequently in the following week the cleaner identical pair then disappeared!!  This mystery caused the committee to spend hours and much wine discussing and arguing the facts, the cause, the motivation… We are now hoping perhaps someone may be able to shed some light on these mysterious happenings, my dear Watson.  We have to report missing tools to  council so would prefer to wait for the miraculous, karma induced, return of the second pair.

Glandore Community Garden Open Day

Should be very good with Sophie Thompson talking . (And giveaways)
and Rare Fruits Harry listening.
Sun 15th Feb. 10:00, 12:00 pizza lunch‼ 1:30 Sophie talk,  2:30 Harry talk, 3:30 propagating workshop.  Highly recommended.

Keep up to date –> read notice boards

As you come into the garden, spare 20 seconds to read the notice boards. So you know what’s going on. And if you want members to know something, use a white board.

Measured Irrigation

Bernie Omadie’s Measured Irrigation is with us to stay.  If you want to know more, technically, go to his site. There are videos and all sorts of information.


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Member of the Glenelg North Community Garden, Adelaide South Australia. Member of the Marion Writers Group and writing about the fascinating topic of our future. Member of SA Recreational Cycling Club. Interests in cycling for sport, socialising, health, transport and the frugal use of declining natural resources. Member of Beyond Oil South Australia. Particularly interested in the decline in world oil supplies (Peak Oil) and the effect this will have on economies based upon growth. B. Bus in Information Technology and Public Administration. A career in Information Technology.

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