• We are on TV!
• Spring Plant Planning Meeting
• The Herb Supplements & Medicines Presentation
• Almeda’s Nutritional Health Workshops
• Bernie, His China Presentation. and Crowd funding project
• Committee Meetings – Your invite
• Kibby Community Centre – Garden
• Lot Fees Due 1st Sept
• Sausage Sizzle – Preliminary Notice

We are on TV this Saturday!

You will remember when Michael Keelan and his program, ‘Out of the Blue’ came to Glenelg North Community Garden. Remember when he ate a chilli?
See it on Channel 7 this Saturday, 05:30 PM. 22nd August.
But if you miss it, they promise to send us a DVD of the program. 

Spring Plant Planning Meeting – Sat 29th

Would all propagators please meet on Saturday, 29th to plot and plan.
We will certainly have an open day in spring and it’s clever to have something to sell. A little calculation and planning to ensure those summer goodies are available and at their prime is the way to go. What to plant, when to plant. . . Pam is at the helm.

The herb Supplements & Medicines presentation

Bev Lane did a great job, a most interesting talk. I wish I could absorb half of what she mentioned. We should bring her back again in the future.
Here are some notes I took. It’s a good start for you to consult Auntie Google:
. Pigface – the fruit is edible with a wide variety of tastes. For bull ant bites
. Sweet Violet – sharp sweet taste. For immune system
. Wormwood – For chooks, put dry sticks in their dust bath to keep insects down. It makes risky absinth to encourage artistic endeavour and is added to vermouth. For liver, digestion, period problems.
. Elephant / Giant garlic – a mild garlic. For colds and infections.
. Golden Rod – this weed is good for wounds, burns, grazes, colds and fevers.
. Horse Parsley – Interesting strong flavour. Add to salads.
. Pennywort – arthritis
. Chick weed – Arthritus, copper salts. For Bites and for the skin. Good in salads.
. Parsley – B12 and heaps of other vitamins and minerals. For digestion, teas. For bladder infection.
. Rosemary – Stimulate peripheral circulation. Anti-bacterial.
. White borage – It’s near our south fence. Flowers in alcohol might make a nasty drunk a happy drunk.
. Savoury – Flatulence. (to DEcrease it; not increase it)
. Tansy – Insect repellent.
. Lemon Scented geranium – mosquitoes. Rub on the skin.

Bevs demo
And we learnt how to seat twenty or more people.

20 seats

Almeda’s Nutritional Health Workshops

Almeda of plot 16 is running these workshops. There is a flyer on the shed for these workshops which begin in September. The workshops will focus on the importance of an alkaline diet, tips on how to achieve this, pitfalls, what the baseline to vibrant health is, how we can cope in a toxic world, an extensive look at gut health and how to eat in a way that sustains our planet.
Each week there will be a taste of something nutritious and at the last workshop, a demonstration of a nutritious meal. Spaces are limited, You can contact Almeda via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SustainingLifestyles or mob. 0439242693

Bernie, His China Presentation and Crowd funding project

As we well know, Bernie has implemented his irrigation system at the Glenelg North Community Garden. We plan to extend his irrigation system to cover all plots at the garden because we think this approach may well decrease total water usage. (And you won’t have to hold a hose so much but we didn’t take this reason into account).
Globe Trotter
In July this year Bernie was one of three Keynote Speakers at the 4th International Conference on Agriculture and Horticulture in Beijing.
Prior to this, Bernie was invited to the International Symposium on Rainwater Harvesting and Resilience in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. At this conference, he learnt of the plan to provide better and cheap water storage across the continent.
Bernie has invented a complementary product to the above project which will store potable drinking water and he now needs to prove and test his invention.
Swimming pool required
Bernie needs a swimming pool to test his design. Do you know of anyone who has a spare abandoned swimming pool? Contact Bernie: bomodei@measuredirrigation.com.au No problem if it is filled with algae.
Crowd Funding
“I have just set up a crowd fundraising page to raise money for the production and testing of a bladder for the African Rainwater Revolution. Please have a look at the crowd fundraising page. All contributions most gratefully accepted.”
The world is filled with increasing strife. This measure in Africa may well have a dramatic effect in quality of life, political stability and refugee numbers; when people are hungry, they migrate. We here in Australia may well be recipients of the results of this stability in the turbulent years ahead.

Committee Meetings – Your Invite

The committee wants to strip away the mystery and intrigue surrounding committee meetings. Also, we would like some new jokes.
To this end, we will invite a few members to come to each committee meeting. (Bring nibbles and thoughts.) You won’t have voting rights but we don’t vote on much anyway. 
Committee meetings are usually at Pam and Chris’s starting at 6pm.
And the AGM is coming up on the 14th Sept with a BBQ.

Kibby Community Centre – Garden

CC garden
The Community Garden is collaborating with our neighbours in Kibby. Well done the planters.

Lot Fees Due 1st Sept

Our resident Neville Scrooge McMoney Treasurer would inform all PLOT HOLDERS that the six monthly plot fees are due on the 1st Sept. See Neville or do an electronic transfer:
Our NAB Account is
BSB: 085 221
Acc: 159 042 309

Sausage Sizzle – Preliminary Notice

We are lined up to run the BBQ at Bunnings, Marion on Sunday, 4th October, and the Flash Mob will be asked to put their hands up. This is the Long Weekend in October – Labour Day , – fairly busy we reckon, so we will stand to make a fairly decent income from it !!! Cheers , Neville.

If you do not want to receive this newsletter from Glenelg North Community Garden, I will understand. Please email me.




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