• Open day – November 15th
  • Planning Regular Saturday Meetings
  • Swap and Share
  • Sister Community Garden
  • Water, Water Everywhere
  • November Climate March
  • Bike for Sale

Open Day 15th November

  • See the flyer attached and on https://gncg.wordpress.com/. More flyers at the Garden and we would love you to distribute them far and wide.
  • Open day is coming up because we have so many plants and seedlings ready. We HAVE to move them or get lost in the greenery.
  • Would you be good enough to bring a few small boxes or plastic bags on the day to help the public carry purchases.

Where: Glenelg North Community Garden Kibby Ave

When:   Sunday 15th November, 10:00 to 2PM.

What:   Plants will be the main thing. Then we will have a BBQ and cake stall too.

There may be some Bokashi kits available and some self watering systems too. Open day produce

Regular Saturday Meetings Plus

We plan to have Saturday Community Garden meetings where we will sit and think of where and why we be, and how we would rather be. Thoughts from the floor and sometimes a guest speaker. These meetings will start at 12:00 usually.

NEXT Meeting: We intend to have one every 2 months on the second Saturday.

But December is a strange time so tentatively Saturday 12th Dec tentatively. Will confirm closer to the date.


At the last committee meeting we made some guesses as to how our various projects will absorb our hard earned money. Herewith, everything revealed:

New Compost structure: $500.   Contemplative Sensory Garden: $500   Children’s Garden: $1,000.   Paving Extensions: $ 400.   Community Involvement: $100 .     Measured Irrigation System to All Plots: $500.       Herb Garden identification: $100.     Orchard Protection Project: $2,000.       Additional Rain Catchment: $5,000.

And that definitely takes care of the Kitty.

Swap and Share

In order to broaden your social, moral and intellectual horizons and confound the dominant buy/sell paradigm, please write your name on the Swap and Share roster on the wall for a session at the Organic Market. worker 4

Sister Community Garden??

If we were to have a Sister Community Garden I am sure new ideas and knowledge would glide stimulatingly between us. Heather was therefore persuaded to scour the world to find a suitable Community Garden for such an endeavour. She found one most suitable just outside London.

As part of this initiative we think the modern method of communication, Facebook, is the way of the future, maybe. Facebook seems to be used by the younger set so let’s give it a whirl. You too can post, like and please do.

Search FB for Glenelg North Community Garden


Search for Forest Gate Community Garden or here: https://www.facebook.com/Forest-Gate-Community-Garden-177345855772913/?fref=ts


Or search by road here ↑.

Forest Gate

Water, Water Everywhere

  • Our guard dog, Baxter was doing his normal patrol at the garden in the morning when his eagle eye spied a gusher of water from a broken main at the Measured Irrigation Folly point. He alerted Leon and recommended Leon take action. How much water did we lose? Not sure but it must have been running for some hours.

water 2

  • Have you mulched your plot?
  • Leon is installing the hoses to everyone’s plot so that All plots will soon be in Measured Irrigation.
  • And what champs Leon and Baxter are. They have installed the small tank (thanks Bob), to grab a few litres from the potting shed roof. Would the good member who has influence with the heavens, please request rain.

newsletter 11-01_00004

November Climate March

The world is coming together to hit the streets on November 29th — hours before the most important climate summit this decade! We’ll show our leaders meeting in Paris that our movement cannot be ignored and we will accept nothing less than an ambitious climate deal, with a global commitment to 100% clean energy!
South Australia is taking significant steps to tackle climate change (like learning to grow our own food locally and avoid food miles). But there’s still more work to be done, and our federal government is lagging. That’s why it’s important we turn out in huge numbers in Adelaide!

When: Sunday November 29th, 11am
Where: Torrens Parade Ground, Victoria Drive, Adelaide

Click on the below image right now to join the People’s Jobs, Justice & Climate March in Adelaide and find out more:
In the photo, last year’s People’s Climate March in Adelaide — this year is going to be even bigger!
This is going to be massive! Last year almost 700,000 people took to their streets making climate change history. In Adelaide, hundreds turned out in a display of hope and determination.

Click the link to join in the Adelaide event and this world-wide movement right now:
Seize this moment, for our future, our kids’ futures, and everything we love.

I counted 5 bees on the one poppy! These flowers are not so useless after all. Grudgingly? 🙂

Bike for Sale

If anyone is interested in a bike at low cost, contact me.



About Michael D

Member of the Glenelg North Community Garden, Adelaide South Australia. Member of the Marion Writers Group and writing about the fascinating topic of our future. Member of SA Recreational Cycling Club. Interests in cycling for sport, socialising, health, transport and the frugal use of declining natural resources. Member of Beyond Oil South Australia. Particularly interested in the decline in world oil supplies (Peak Oil) and the effect this will have on economies based upon growth. B. Bus in Information Technology and Public Administration. A career in Information Technology.

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