Tank going in

Shed in place and Tank going in.06/02/13

The sun sinks on three hundred years of a very unusual era in human history. A new dawn with new ways now arises.


The Brighton Community Eco Garden was incorporated in 25th June 2009 as a result of half a dozen locals who met through the services of the Holdfast Bay Council staff. The aim of the group was to make a Community Garden in Holdfast Bay.
Successful public meetings were held, (Sophie Thompson of Gardening Australia was a guest speaker at one of these). Council was petitioned to provide land and a site was offered at Brighton.  That site was rejected by the BCEG because of the small size near location of gum trees and the lack of facilities.
In mid 2012 Council offered an acceptable site at North Glenelg. The BCEG committee members changed to reflect the new location and suburb. The Community Garden is called the ‘Glenelg North Community Garden’ and all legal matters still come under Brighton Community Eco Garden Incorporated in SA.

Looking Ahead

The Community Garden is planned assuming  the garden will be there for the next fifty years. It will be an organic garden and will incorporate elements of:
Education: Sustainability, heritage, community resilience, and organic horticulture.
As well as: Community access and positive discrimination for the disadvantaged.
Assuming the decline in world oil supply remains largely on track, food prices will rise and rise. The Community Garden will become an important centre for education in growing home produced food.