Conditions of Membership in GNCG


The intention is to build a Community Garden incorporating the elements of
Education in:     promotion of sustainability, community resilience and organic horticulture and heritage.
As well as :         Community access and positive discrimination for the disadvantaged.


Members will enjoy the benefits of garden facilities, learning and workshops, club organisation and social gatherings, insurance, water and tools.


1.    Will have a formal orientation session to the Community Garden.

2.    Agree to support the Community Garden objectives.

3.     This garden follows organic gardening principles. Members garden organically; that is, do not not to use any chemical pesticides, fungicides or fertilisers (powders, sprays, liquids or granules) not certified for organic use by a recognised certifier such as BFA, OFA in the Garden.
(Note: in the possible event of fruit fly infestation etc, the garden is subject to government regulations)

4.    There is a 12-monthly membership fee. Non-refundable. It is intended that no one will be excluded from membership because of financial reasons. Community Garden Membership Fee is currently:  $10

5.    The produce from all the fruiting trees in the garden is the property of, and under the control of garden management. Members pick only moderate quantities from the Garden Orchard and Member General plots for my own personal use.
Notice will be advised regarding harvesting and sharing of fruit.

6.    Members attend at least one (1) community activity day (joint project working bee day) every two (2) months unless they have come to an agreement with the Management Committee to take on “another particular task in that period”.  Please consider “another particular task or regular responsibility”.